Site instructions and rules

CSBP on site

Please see the basic safety rules attachment below for basic information to be used by contractors tendering for or undertaking work for CSBP.This document applies to all parties/personnel working on any CSBP site.Depending upon the contract, a range of other procedures may also be relevant to the individual tenders, and these additional procedures will be provided to the tenderers when required.

Basic Safety Rules (Ver. 20.0)

WesCEF Supplier Site Instructions

Please see the Supplier Site Instructions below. The document details the instructions that must be adhered to by all Suppliers tendering for Work or performing Work on WesCEF (Company) Sites.

WesCEF Supplier Site Instructions (Ver 2.0)

Site clearance request

All contractors working at CSBP are required to complete a general site induction, an area induction for all areas that they may need to access and permit to work training – all of this is available to complete online.  In addition, on their first day at site they will need to complete an area walk-around that will be conducted by their Responsible Officer, Accountable Person or delegate.

Ensure you request access to online inductions at least one-week prior to the commencement of work on-site.  The turnaround time from approval to the assignment of online training is two working days.  Access cards are available to collect from the Gatehouse (with ID) two working days from completion of online training.

Click here to go to the WesCEF Inductions page for more information

Vehicle access

If vehicle access is required to perform work at our Kwinana site, contractors need to complete a CSBP Driver Access Commitments declaration via Elevate along with a copy of their license. Please note that private vehicles are not permitted on site.

Vehicle access requirements

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