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CSBP Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory

The CSBP Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory is an independent, purpose built lab that has serviced the Australian agricultural industry for almost half a century. We pride ourselves on our quality results and fast turnaround time, servicing clients of all sizes.

We know our chemistry

We have been helping growers, advisers, consultants and researchers with soil analysis since 1971 and plant analysis since 1975. Equipped with experienced professionals, our lab has certification from the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council for a comprehensive range of tests. We use our knowledge, techniques and attention to detail to deliver accurate, independent data.




Partnering with Decipher

We are excited to partner with Decipher, a cloud-based AgTech service that brings farm data to life.

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You can use Decipher’s companion app, DecipherGO to plan your sampling jobs, georeference your soil and plant samples, and submit your sample analysis requests to the CSBP Lab. You can then access your CSBP soil and plant analysis results and manage your data in Decipher web.

DecipherGO is a free app, which gives you access to Decipher biomass, data and insights whenever and wherever you need them. This app allows users to access global imagery, take and view notes and take samples out in the field, and sync data across all devices with just one account to log into.

Get started for free and download DecipherGO in a few easy steps!


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Our contact details


Tel: 08 9434 4600 
CSBP Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory  
2 Altona Street, 
Bibra Lake WA 6163  

Our opening hours are 7.00am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday (AWST).